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    So im just about to get the BB OS 6 on my Blackberry Bold 9700.
    Before i had the BB OS 5 and there was an update for like and i did that, and after 1) Lost the Memo pad Application and 2) the top button that usuall password locks you phone doesnt do that anymore .. so now im changing my phone back to the 1st back up i had before the Update.

    Is there a way i can Update my phone and still keep my Memo pad .. because i have a newer backup but that is with out the Memo pad?
    & does anyone know if the OS 6 has a memo pad & the password lock when you click the up button on the left?
    12-20-10 01:37 AM
  2. BluCheze's Avatar
    Memo pad is already included within the OS 6 and the password I think has to be enabled or something. Honestly I can't comment on the password since I don't use it.

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    12-20-10 02:11 AM
  3. L o r d R a j's Avatar
    Top left button for lock stopped working with one of the updates in OS 5 itself.
    In OS 6, (.418 leak) it's the same.

    It (the top left button) will dim the screen and lock it but NOT PASSWORD lock it.

    For Password Lock, have to use Alt+Enter

    (Alt+Enter is usually assigned to Quick Switch of language. So you will first have to change that in the OPTIONS menu.
    In OS6 it's Options > Typing and Input > Language
    Language Switcher -

    Also, Alt+Enter will not work (or doesn't work for me) if it's pressed while the cursor is on the Notification Bar. Cursor placed anywhere else on the screen - the Alt+Enter works fine.)
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    12-20-10 04:12 AM
  4. L o r d R a j's Avatar
    Just in case you don't get the Memo Pad, launch App Loader AGAIN and scroll down the list of apps. Make sure you have CHECK MARKED the box next to it (Memo Pad). Reloading it again should get you the Memo Pad.
    12-20-10 04:21 AM