1. mike1220's Avatar
    Help I have a blackberry 8100 pearl, i just sync'ed it and the system in the middle of the update, gave a message that it was disconnected. now all I have is a red light on my screen (right corner)

    Please advise me
    07-20-08 11:11 PM
  2. ballinsol14's Avatar
    Your device probably just decided to randomly reboot? Possibly? Has it started up yet?
    07-20-08 11:12 PM
  3. bmcclure937's Avatar
    Check the link in my signature on how to recover a dead berry

    Good luck and Welcome to CrackBerry!!

    You will be fine, you can fix your problems through that tutorial!
    07-20-08 11:13 PM
  4. mike1220's Avatar
    Nope it is still blinking a red light
    07-20-08 11:13 PM
  5. ballinsol14's Avatar
    Then follow bmcclure's advice
    07-20-08 11:14 PM