06-20-10 12:28 PM
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  1. CumminsCrazed's Avatar
    Ok so today i checked for a wireless update from my Verizon and found the update. I started the update and it got 78% complete with 60% complete on the MMS Messages. Since that time its been "frozen" with the watch hands spinning in the center of my screen.

    Do i dare pull my battery to restart the phone? I have nothing backed up and im afraid i will lose everyting. If i just leave the phone sit will it come out of this and finish the update? Its been frozen for about an hour, maybe 1.5 hr. Also, is there anything i can do to force the phone to finish the update?

    Please help and tell me what i can do. The very last option i will take is losing everything on my phone. So any OTHER options before that are welcome.
    06-19-10 08:16 PM
  2. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    So this is right at the beginning where it backs up your data that it froze, or at the end of the loading when it restores your data that it froze?
    06-19-10 08:20 PM
  3. CumminsCrazed's Avatar
    it installed the 16MB update then asked to do the update now or later. I chose now and it completed 78% of the update and then froze at the 60% mark on the MMS messages
    06-19-10 08:24 PM
  4. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    Ok, so it completed 78% of your backup then. At that point you are still backing data up on the device.

    Being that you don't have any back ups on the computer, pulling the battery can be risky, but seems like your only option at this point. It hasn't moved from this point in nearly 2 hours, correct?
    06-19-10 08:26 PM
  5. CumminsCrazed's Avatar
    well between an hour or our and a half anyway, maybe about 2 hrs now. Whats the chanes i will lose everything?
    06-19-10 08:27 PM
  6. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    Since it was only doing the back up, and not the OS update, I would *think* you should be ok.

    Not sure if since the process started already that will negatively affect the OS on the device, causing an error when you try to boot again.

    Do you have a PC that you can use, just in case?
    06-19-10 08:28 PM
  7. CumminsCrazed's Avatar
    i have mine at home, im at a friends now, but my BB cd that i got with phone has never installed to my computer
    06-19-10 08:30 PM
  8. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    Thats not an issue, that only contains the BlackBerry Desktop Manager which you can download free online.

    You would actually need access to other programs, but that help can be given at that time, no need to explain that now.
    06-19-10 08:33 PM
  9. CumminsCrazed's Avatar
    so should i go ahead and CNTL ALT DEL my phone to reset it otr should i physically pull the battery out itself Also, once i reset it should i attempt the update again?
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    06-19-10 08:34 PM
  10. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    Does your phone respond when you touch the screen?

    I would personally just remove the battery from the device and then place it back in.

    If it boots - I would try to update again.
    06-19-10 08:36 PM
  11. CumminsCrazed's Avatar
    its a tour, but no responce when i touch any button but when i touch the upper/lower case button the box comes up in top right corner of screen as always

    also, after i pull battery if the phone doesnt reboot then what do i do?
    06-19-10 08:39 PM
  12. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    What does the phone do?

    What is currently displayed on the screen?
    06-19-10 08:40 PM
  13. CumminsCrazed's Avatar
    nothing yet...let me pull the battery now
    06-19-10 08:42 PM
  14. CumminsCrazed's Avatar
    i pulled battery....ts going through its normal boot sequence right now, black screen with blackberry writeen on it and theprogress bar below it, about 1 min into it
    06-19-10 08:45 PM
  15. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    Ok cool. Hopefully it will boot back normally and it will act as though you didn't just spend nearly 2 hours stuck on that screen for no apparent reason!

    Let me know when it boots if you have all your information and such still.
    06-19-10 08:46 PM
  16. CumminsCrazed's Avatar
    ok will do, thank you MUCH for your speedy replies so far!!!
    06-19-10 08:48 PM
  17. CumminsCrazed's Avatar
    booted up fine and automatically went back to backup screen and is already 60% finished. Hopefully it wont re freeze up
    06-19-10 08:54 PM
  18. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    Should work fine this time, could have just been an error in it, or it just got hung on something and couldn't get past it. Happens from time to time.

    Hopefully the second time is a charm for you!
    06-19-10 09:01 PM
  19. CumminsCrazed's Avatar
    well now its stuck on 73% wiht current database being BBGroups, however elapsed time is still going, so its not locked up again right?
    06-19-10 09:06 PM
  20. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    Nope - some of the items will take a bit longer to back up and such. Different amounts of information stored in each area.
    06-19-10 09:08 PM
  21. CumminsCrazed's Avatar
    the phone is still at same spot...but time is still tickin????
    06-19-10 10:00 PM
  22. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    Still backing up your BlackBerry Messenger Groups? How many of them are you in, and is there a lot of stored content within those groups?
    06-19-10 10:01 PM
  23. CumminsCrazed's Avatar
    theres 3 groups maybe 4, 2 of which have 15ish members,, with a lot of pictures, but the database hasnt even gotten to 1% yet....its just sittin there......time tickin away and no progress yet.
    06-19-10 10:14 PM
  24. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    Ok, when you pulled your battery before, would you have been able to cancel the update, or it just goes right to it, with no other options available?
    06-19-10 10:15 PM
  25. CumminsCrazed's Avatar
    it goes right to it
    06-19-10 10:29 PM
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