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    Can someone please help?

    What new Blackberries are being released by Verizon? I know the Storm is are there any others?

    I am so lost I can't keep up with what carrier has what, getting what, or can't do what. What is CDMA and GSM? Why is WiFi so great?

    09-25-08 07:46 AM
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    search your feelings...

    CDMA and GSM are different technologies used to communicate with cellular towers. They each have their own 3G speeds (EVDO and HSDPA, respectively).

    In America, Verizon (...Altell) and Sprint use CDMA, and T-Mobile and AT&T use GSM. As far as the rest of the world, a few other countries use CDMA. I think Japan is one. Most of the world relies on GSM for cell signal, although they mostly use a different frequency(ies) than America--those are the MHz values you see next to GSM in phone specs. There are a few 'World Phones' Verizon offers with dual CDMA/GSM capability. Most phones do not have this.

    I'm gonna take a guess and assume you're referring to Wifi in regards to cell phones. For Blackberrys, connecting to a wifi network means all data (emails, google maps, etc...) is sent over the faster 802.11b/g connection, instead of the cellular connection. Currently all models but the Bold rely on EDGE, a 2G speed of GSM. In comparison, wifi is much faster. Also, when you're in areas of weak cell signal--but strong wifi signal--you can still get email. For example, I have a class in the basement of a building. No phone, but university wifi.

    Storm-CDMA/GSM is confirmed for Verizon, dropping in Nov.(?)
    Bold is confirmed(?) for AT&T, dropping Oct. 2 or later.
    Storm-GSM is rumored. Probably T-mobile.
    Javelin is rumored for T-mobile
    Bold is rumored for T-mobile

    **Can anyone dig up some dirt on purchasing any of these unlocked?
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