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    I'm having trouble streaming music via bluetooth to my laptop

    I'm running windows 7 64bit and a BB curve 8530 my OS seems to be v5.0.0.973

    I can pair with no problem. send and receive files with no problem. i can listen to a phone call no problem.

    i can start the media player and use the "activate LAPTOP" function and i get a popup on the BB that says

    "connection to LAPTOP succeeded.

    headset (green check mark)
    stereo (green check mark)
    A/V Remote Control (red x)"

    The bluetooth icon shows paired. it will say paired untill i press the play button. when i do, i get a snippet of music from the laptop speakers (probably only a half second) then it stops and i get a popup on the BB that says

    "Connection to LAPTOP terminated

    Headset (red x)
    Stereo Audio (red x)"

    Using the "listen to audio from your phone through this computer's speakers" on the laptop bluetooth device menu will just change the status of the bb one the laptop to "connected" then quickly back to "disconnected"

    I've checked the laptops drivers, and they are up to date. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!
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    I tried the fix in the "bluetooth driver fix windows 7 64 bit" thread

    no dice
    09-22-11 01:26 AM