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    Blackberry storm 9550 not register to RIM

    02-7-2012 11.:30 AM


    I'm blackberry user in Thailand. I have a problem to connect to RIM service.

    My device storm 9550 Verizon unlock. I have check my local provider (DTAC-Thailand) and they say service is normal.

    I can use BBM and every app when I connect on wifi.

    I have tried to run diagnosis test and the result show as below,

    Diagnostic Started: Feb 6, 2012 6:09 PM
    Diagnostic Completed: Feb 6, 2012 6:10 PM
    PIN: 3103726a
    MSISDN: 0896348198
    Device Type: BlackBerry 9550
    Application Version: v5.0.0.1082
    Platform Version:
    Service Books: CICAL,CMIME,CICAL,CMIME,CICAL,CMIME,KEYNEGO,APPWOR LD,LbsConfig,BBIM,BBIM,BBIMConfig,BBIMConfig,BBIMC onfig,OTASL,KEYNEGO,RIM_IM,PROVISIONING,BISClientC onfig,BBIM,BBIM,KEYNEGO,BBID,WPTCP,BrowserConfig,I PPP,BrowserConfig,BrowserConfig,BrowserConfig,Brow serConfig,IPPP,WPTCP,WPTCP,BrowserConfig,WAPPushCo nfig,BrowserConfig,BrowserConfig,BrowserConfig,MMS ,BrowserConfig
    Free File Space: 120954440 bytes
    Radio Data Activation: Yes
    Signal Level: -57 dBm
    Radio Access: EDGE
    Network: TH-DTAC
    IP Address:
    ICMP Ping Echo: Yes
    BlackBerry Registration: No
    Connected to BlackBerry: Abort
    BlackBerry PIN-PIN: Abort
    Server Name: BISE03C02S01
    Email Address: kermit_2318@yahoo.com
    Connected to kermit_2318@yahoo.com : Abort
    Server Name: BISE03C02S05
    Email Address: kermit_2318@yahoo.com
    Connected to kermit_2318@yahoo.com : Abort

    could anyone advise me about this problem, please.

    thanks in advance
    02-06-12 11:19 PM
  2. hootyhoo's Avatar
    I'm not familiar with you carrier so I don't know if the storm is well supported by them, but you may need to load the host routing tables and service books manually. It would be similar to this:


    If this is what is required, you will need to find those tables and books specific to your carrier.
    02-07-12 12:47 AM