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    I posed this question in a thread in the 3rd Party Apps sub-forum but thought it is more suitable here since it is specific to GPS and Mapping.

    Has anyone used the TopoSports app? What are your impressions regarding map resolution, features, stability, etc.?

    09-24-10 02:48 PM
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    I am one of the developers of the TopoSports product. I hope the following information helps you.

    The app uses 1:24K DRGs published by USGS (United States Geological Survey) for USA.

    For Canada, the app uses 1:50K DRGs published by NRCan (National resources canada).

    The POI layers are also derived from these sources and primarily cover hydrography, natural landmarks etc.



    PS: Crackberry forum auto-suggest feature suggested that I check out this post when I was posting about our latest Canada release in the 3rd party apps forum.
    09-25-10 01:01 PM
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    Thanks berryski, and oohlala in the other thread. It sounds like a good app and I'll just have to give it a try for myself.

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    09-25-10 10:38 PM
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    Since I started this thread, I thought I would update it with my impressions on Toposports. I've been using the app for about a month and am very happy with the performance.

    GPS lock is very fast: < 1 minute from a fresh start and only 1-2 seconds when I select MyLocation after the app is up and running. Track recording capabilities are also very good and accurate.

    The map quality is good. At full zoom on my Torch, the elevation lines and topographic details are quite clear and distinct. The larger screen of the Torch is really helpful for an app like this.

    Support from the develop has been topnotch - very patient with my questions and very quick to respond.

    I haven't tried all the functionality but so far nothing but praise. I would highly recommend this for anyone looking for good quality topographic maps for Blackberry.
    11-06-10 03:38 PM
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    Does it let you add your own trails in the backcountry areas?
    I'd like to add snowmobile/atv/hiking trails in the Adirondack mountain areas of NY...
    02-14-11 09:59 AM
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    The app lets you import route and waypoint data from GPX and KML files. If your snowmobile/atv/hiking trails is available in either of these formats, you would be able to import them.

    You can find more details regarding the Import manager at the link below.

    BerrySki: Topo Sports now has an Import Manager
    04-24-12 03:33 PM