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    OS 4.5 has a new option for camera. Enable Geotracking. This should record the GPS coordinates for each picture taken. I looked in the properties file both on the BB and in Windows for the image and it is not in there. What am I missing? Thanks.
    07-08-08 06:32 PM
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    Hmm, you just made me aware of this new feature. I just tried to go out and give it a shot (pun intended...).
    I took it out, changed the setting and waited for the BB to get a GPS signal for there was a sign, telling me "no GPS position locked/no sattelite connection" or something along those lines. Well, I then switched to BBtracker just to make sure I actually get a positioning after all. I did. Switching back to the cam I was disappointed: no sign so far.
    So: GPS does work, but I wonder whether it works well combined with the cam. I'll give it a try later today and give you the info then. But only if I can find the Geo-info in the file...

    It works! I just downloaded the pics from my BB...and although it stated "no GPS" while taking the pics I can read the data from the file. It's correct because I just checked the GPS-coordinates with google earth.
    I looked at properties of the files and the clicked 'Details'. Maybe that's all there is to do for you to see the data too. Good luck!

    Till then
    Patrick (aka Wolfwent)
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    07-10-08 07:50 AM
  3. TolCrackMonkey's Avatar
    Turned it on and it worked. Was able to view in bbmaps and when i send the pictures out i can right click and go to properties and see the gps coordinates. it'd be nice if when you send out the bbmaps and it pinpoints the filename for whoever you send it to it'd include the thumbnail like it does when you view it on the bb.
    08-12-08 10:39 PM
  4. cipherdias's Avatar
    This is EXCELLENT! U just gave me a good reason for mu upgrading to O.S. 4.5 AND upgrading my plan to Data this weekend!!!
    08-22-08 09:34 AM