03-05-12 10:35 PM
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  1. Harley Kid's Avatar
    I too have returned from an iPhone4 as well as a Motorola 4G device. I was totally underwhelmed by the iPhone when it came to the amount of apps dedicated towards the businesses/work niche. I am far from a teen that can be swayed by trends or a "cool" phone. The android phone was an even bigger disappointment with mail sometimes being delivered four hours later as batches containing as many as 35 mails. The final straw was a mail received so late I completely missed a bid meeting that had been moved to an earlier time and in theory may have cost me multiple thousands had I been awarded the project. BB has always been known as a secure and pretty reliable device and I am now painfully aware of due to my failed attempt of thinking that the grass might be greener...
    03-01-12 01:52 AM
  2. belfastdispatcher's Avatar
    The Thunderbolt isn't dual core and it was barely high end (it was high end for under a month). Also, no one said anything was wrong with her. I was just addressing some of the complaints that she had have changed.
    Aren't they all lol? The Bionic was high end when announced and low end when it finally came out.
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    03-01-12 02:03 AM
  3. avt123's Avatar
    Aren't they all lol? The Bionic was high end when announced and low end when it finally came out.
    The majority (if not all) of the dual core devices are high end. The Bionic is still high end (not the latest and greatest), it is just older now.

    Medium-low end devices are single core.
    03-01-12 02:27 AM
  4. BitPusher2600's Avatar
    I've had an iPhone4, a Droid X2, and an HTC HD7. Liked things about all of em, but none of them match the (personal) connection I have with BlackBerry. Everything I need is right here and just the way I like it. I least cared for my SurePress experience with the Storm2, and when I tried the other stuff, I least liked Android and most liked Windows Phone 7, but I'd take my old Bold 9650 or this 9930 over these so-called "high-end" smartphones any day
    03-01-12 03:18 AM
  5. belfastdispatcher's Avatar
    The majority (if not all) of the dual core devices are high end. The Bionic is still high end (not the latest and greatest), it is just older now.

    Medium-low end devices are single core.
    And here's me thinking high end devices are judged by price not specs
    03-01-12 03:34 AM
  6. avt123's Avatar
    And here's me thinking high end devices are judged by price not specs
    You can get some good deals on dual core Androids.
    03-01-12 03:37 AM
  7. yum007's Avatar
    Ok I gave the Android a try and started going through BB withdrawals. I tried the droid charge for about 4 months and just couldn't do it anymore. It wasn't a bad phone but I want/need a physical keyboard. A couple of my friends tried to get me switched to iPhone instead but...
    I'm not knocking droid or iPhone but BB just works better for me & that's all that matters!!
    Happily using my new BB bold 9930!!!!!!!!!!
    03-01-12 04:14 AM
  8. husainpatan's Avatar
    I'm very close to coming back to BB.

    Was a BB user for years and switched to the iPhone 4S when it launched in October. I'm really missing the reliability of BB when it comes to email which I've had TONS of problems with on the iPhone. A joke...sometimes I won't get emails for hours.

    Anyway, that's a long story in and of itself. The autocorrect is also terrible and I'm not crazy about typing on a touchscreen. Browsing is awesome and so is the iPod integration, but I'm not sure it's enough for me when communication is key!

    For some reason I just 'trust' BB more and will likely be back soon. Just have to decide between the 9810 and 9900
    Gotta choose between 9810 and 9900? Refer this thread I started. Hopefully ur doubts will be sorted.

    03-01-12 06:28 AM
  9. Mikeossy80's Avatar
    I'm back after having iPhones for the past 3 generations but find that it's lost it's glossiness but I love the iPad which is why I'm considering the play book to accompany my new 9900.
    I have found over the years the phones now quite common and the OS is dare I say it a little dull, not that's it bad or anything!
    I have had BB's before and I'm looking forward to using more BB products in the near future.
    It's nice to have a change now and again!.
    03-01-12 07:46 AM
  10. kilted thrower's Avatar
    Lol, Chrisy, aren't You getting tired of explaining this over and over again?

    So you left a dual core lte high end android for an old BlackBerry and a PlayBook, surely there must be something wrong with you

    Maybe you should try this one, or maybe this other one, it never ends no?

    By the way, I have an android owner and developer mate and since he got his free PlayBook at devcon Europe I loaned him my 9700. He's now looking to buy one and sell his LG Optimus

    His Android app is called Androidnogo(for playing Go game) he's porting it to the PlayBook now
    Well it's the same as when I've complained about BBM being a battery drain and the truncation issues and etc on the BB, I get a lot of "well, BB then is a lot different than it is now. You should try the ..... it's way different and better."

    I understand getting rid of his LG Optimus. I had the LG Thrill. It was okay. But I was ready to get away from LG quickly. I now have the Note, and absolutely love it.
    03-01-12 10:05 AM
  11. hootyhoo's Avatar
    03-01-12 10:20 AM
  12. Davec1234's Avatar
    Left. On my second android no plans to come back, can't see a good reason to.
    03-02-12 12:46 AM
  13. miata's Avatar
    Not an iPhone or Android -- but came from a series of Palm Treo and webOS phones. I had a Pre2 with TouchPad as well as an iPad2. webos had lots of promise, but wr all know how thay ended. Also, I never did like iOS.

    I now have a Bold 9930 and Playbook and couldn't be happier.

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    03-02-12 01:08 AM
  14. ubizmo's Avatar
    I have the HTC Radar, a mid-range WP phone as an "alternate" to my 9900. I got it mainly because I was curious about the WP platform, and got a good price on eBay. Plus, I was inspired by Qbnkelt's use of two different phones. I know she didn't invent this, but for some reason her situation stuck in my mind.

    The screen size on the Radar is the same as the iPhone. But, frustratingly, there's no option to set the font size in WP, so even though the screen is bigger than the 9900's, in terms of actual area, web browsing on the 9900 is much easier on my eyes.

    There are certain dealbreaker apps for me, however. They are Kindle and Audible. Audible is not yet available for WP, but they've promised it for this month. On the BB, both of these apps are, what's the word, "remnants". That is, they aren't available for OS7, but the OS6 versions can be made to work, more or less.

    It's certain that they won't work on BB10, and that's another reason why I'm looking at other platforms, such as WP. Given the indifference to BB that Amazon has shown, I'm not holding my breath for Kindle on BB10. Maybe the Android app will port to it, as it does on the PB; maybe not. There's no way to know, at this point. Likewise for Audible.

    If I can't have both of those apps working on a BB10 device, I won't get one. But for now, the 9900 is doing what I need it to do.
    03-02-12 12:58 PM
  15. fbernar#CB's Avatar
    I had a BB Torch on release day. After about 6 months switched to Sprint and went with the Evo. Hated Sprint's service so I switched to Verizon. Shortly thereafter AT&T took out the unlimited plans and Verizon did too. Since I have unlimited with Verizon I don't think I'll ever leave.

    Anyways, got the Thunderbolt. Hated the battery life. Six months later I got the Droid Bionic... great phone. Great battery life. 3 months later I purchased the Galaxy Nexus and I still have this phone, but I don't use it much. One week ago I bought the Bold 9930. Great phone. Love the sexy look. I own a business and I missed being able to BBM people.

    Don't really miss Android except for the few niche apps it has and I miss the LTE speeds, but when I want to tether I just pull out the Galaxy Nexus and use it. Everything else BB all the way. (I don't game on my phone.)
    03-03-12 01:13 AM
  16. ajst222's Avatar
    I got my Droid Razr 32 GB in early december. Before that I had the BB Tour. I now wish I went with the Torch 9850...btw BB needs to advertise that and not just the Bold...they aren't thinking straight...anyways I might sell the Razr and get the Torch, but I'm not sure if I should just wait for BB10 phones.
    03-03-12 07:24 AM
  17. Drayk's Avatar
    Had a GS2....sold it 12 hrs later for exactly what I paid. Discovered I needed LED notifications, VVM and manual MS Outlook sync.
    A month later got an HTC Vivid....LOVED IT!!!...for the most part.
    It did "most" of the things my BB's have always done, just differently.
    I was dealing, adding apps, getting things dialed in and comfortable.
    Then I had 2 weeks from H*LL.....I'm a contractor and conduct business @ 60mph most days. Without going into a boring explanation, I'll just say my BB would have made things a lot less painful.
    I'm back to BB w/a 64g PB.
    I can't really explain it but...I feel an overwhelming sense of relief being "back in black".
    Now I roll around using my PB for everything and bluetooth connected to my 9810 for calls & txt....PB for everything else.
    FOR ME.....this combination works more seamless than the Vivid did.
    Glad to be back....excited for things to come.
    03-03-12 08:37 AM
  18. mackemdave's Avatar
    I've just came back to blackberry from android.

    Originally had a bold 9700 and upgraded it to a HTC desire HD , enjoyed the phone but missed the physical keyboard and battery life, however the desire broke and I replaced it with a HTC sensation thinking it may have just been that model of phone.

    Last week my sensation broke through no fault of my own (just like my desire did ) and HTC refused to fix it without me paying.

    Ended up buying a torch 9810 and coming back to blackberry glad I made the move back as OS7 is fantastic and I have the best of both worlds with a touchscreen and I can just slide the phone up and have a keyboard
    03-03-12 09:50 AM
  19. antho_2000's Avatar
    Bought the storm and we all know what that means...and when i got fed up of waiting for a real upgrade that would make it on par with other devices such as iphone 3g or the new android devices i bought htc desire and when the playbook came out i gave it a try loved it and decided to give rim another chawith the purchase of my bold 9900!! Be Bold
    03-05-12 09:23 PM
  20. Litt3's Avatar
    I tried an Android for a while. Android is good for consuming media.
    But I could not deal with not having a keyboard.
    Trying to type an email or a text was painful, even after months.
    I don' tknow how those numbnuts do it. No keyboard = a non-smart phone.
    Any "high end phone" out there, if it has no keyboard is CRAP.
    03-05-12 10:35 PM
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