1. thegodcam's Avatar
    i bought a nvi 255WT about a week ago and im not able to do it... the main reason i got the GPS to begin with is 4 its bluetooth/hands-free feature... so not bein able 2 use it defeats the purpose

    i went on the garmin website and it does not include the 8900 in its list of Supported Mobile Phones: Find Bluetooth-enabled phones compatible with your Garmin GPS | Garmin

    so i might have 2 bring mine back to the store.... but b4 i do, im wondering if anyone has been able to... whether it be with this particular GPS or any other model

    any help u guys can provide is appreciated

    03-15-09 02:56 PM
  2. circumstances's Avatar
    i use the 8900 as my GPS. i downloaded the amAze free voice turn by turn system and *poof* good to go.
    03-15-09 03:25 PM