1. kyroguy's Avatar
    I am planning for an upcoming science fair for my cousin. He wants to launch a balloon very high up into the atmosphere and then recover it. (yes, this has been done before) Obviously there is a fair chance that the balloon will be unrecoverable so we want to minimize the value of the payload. I have an old pearl (8130) that I can recommission for the flight. I was just wondering if there is an app that can broadcast GPS in real time. I know apps exist but are they compatible with the pearl? Even with the phone stripped down there is not tons of memory available. Also, would they function in this way?

    Ideally, the app will send location from the phone every few minutes and track the flight so it can be downloaded from the phone when it is recovered. Any input here would be helpful!
    12-27-10 12:04 PM
  2. hondateg91's Avatar
    If you plan on using the phone's GPS then it would require some sort of data plan to use an app so it can transfer the location back and forth.
    12-27-10 02:17 PM
  3. kyroguy's Avatar
    I'm aware of the data plan requirement. That is not an issue as I already have another BB that has one. I can just switch them back and forth. Turn the pearl on for the flight then switch back to my regular (daily use) BB when it is over. I am on Verizon so this is an easy task. Plus, no sims to worry about losing.
    12-27-10 03:04 PM