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    Harman International reported last quarter earnings on Friday. Says they will continue to use QNX as their fundemental operating system, but are now developing Android, Linux, Microsoft .... not sure if this is great, good, N/A or bad for RIM???
    "In FY 2012, HARMAN continues to drive new business in embedded infotainment systems globally.
    General Motors chose Harman Infotainment system to replace a competitive system. (MeeGo / Genivi??)This $900M infotainment award is HARMANs first with GM.
    Won contracts with VW Group valued at $400M
    $2B award from BMW to bring advanced connectivity to future generation infotainment systems.
    Emerging market breakthrough: $500M infotainment awards in China with Geely, BAIC, Changan and in India with Tata Motors.
    Major launches this year included: BMW Connected Drive, Toyota Touch & Go, Toyota Entune, and Audi MMI 3G+. The Company launched a new scalable infotainment system in Ferraris F12 berlinetta featuring the latest in-dash and connected functionality.

    To meet the growing demand for entry-level embedded infotainment systems, HARMAN launched a new scalable infotainment platform targeting entry- and mid-segment vehicles."

    This is from the question and answer transcript. CEO of Harman talking about QNX / RIM:
    "Dinesh C. Paliwal - Chairman, President and CEO: Not so much patents but it has to do with open source solutions. We got out of QNX operating system, Ravi, a couple of years now. We want to be operating system agnostic, so we continue to use QNX as our fundamental operating system which we still believe, most robust from safety point of view, but we are now developing android-based infotainment, Linux, android, Microsoft, everything. So, we will have and systems will not be unique to one operating system, the kernel could be one thing and apps could be written in something else. It's going to be a hybrid system which is what actually; (indiscernible) in Europe is sort of calling for and talking to more BMW and Audis who lead the space with us. They seem to be very comfortable with the strategy we have. So this little company we acquired, this will give us additional horsepower to expedite our engineering development work. In addition, we're also adding some 100 software engineering resources in Google, Android based competence right here in Midwest, in Ann Arbor, in Chicago area and lots of people from Google actually have left to join Harman.

    Ravi Shanker - Morgan Stanley: Then just speaking of QNX, RIM is obviously having a few difficulties right now. Can you remind us again, how things stand between you and your ability to use QNX especially if RIM kind of licenses someone else or partners with someone else?

    Dinesh C. Paliwal - Chairman, President and CEO: That's a great question for all other listeners. When we sold QNX to RIM, we took care of our shareholders interest, for next 20 years. We have access to the source code of QNX, no matter what change of hands happen, even if Company goes so south that no one can see, still we'll have access to it and frankly speaking, we have as much competence in QNX as RIM today, and we have excellent relationship. So, there's no issue of access to source and access to development for next 18, 20 years.

    Ravi Shanker - Morgan Stanley: If things get really bad there, would you consider bringing it back in-house?

    Dinesh C. Paliwal - Chairman, President and CEO: I don't know about that. We'll see. We'll see who goes after them first, we will see."

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    08-12-12 03:04 PM
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    It's no doubt they want to incorporate other OS types into their systems as not every one will use one type of mobile device so for full connectivity its always a good thing going to incorporate other code to your systems. Maybe their base kernel will still be QNX with something similar to Rims android app player or they may go to with a different base all together. Whatever they do let's hope they don't dismiss RIM
    08-12-12 03:50 PM