1. james2222's Avatar
    When I go to our bands website on myspace on the BB the songs aren't there to listen to although they have been uploaded and appear on the site when I log in on my computer at home. Also a lot of the graphics are missing. Why is that? Do I need to download some kind of software to view the full site on my BB? And if I do what kind of software do I need?
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    02-10-09 09:49 PM
  2. uncheels23's Avatar
    you might be able to view it from opera mini but i don't think you can do those kind of things with the mobile myspace site but someone correct me if i'm wrong
    02-10-09 09:50 PM
  3. yogirl#AC's Avatar
    The music player on myspace is flash and bb browser doesn't support flash. That is probably why the graphics aren't showing as well.

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    02-10-09 10:29 PM