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    My AT&T 8310 got stepped on and is DOA. I am past the AT&T contract and am paying $39/mo but have no data, no text, just telephone. Since AT&T has removed the unlimited internet, I will not get a limited data plan with them.

    My SIM card from the 8310 is still good. I just bought a used 8320 and it comes with wifi capability that the 8310 did not. I'd like to be able to use the phone's ability to use wifi so I can get google and access web pages when within an unsecured wifi signal but I don't want to get any billing by AT&T for using their data features.

    I've searched the site here and haven't found what I need to do, I've found quite a few different things I can try but seems like no consensus and I don't want to get a bill for data service when I have no data plan.

    If anyone has experience with this I'd sure appreciate knowing what to do.

    Thanks in advance!

    01-20-11 08:55 PM