03-02-12 03:52 AM
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    "I think it just boils down to his insecurities and my unfaithfulness at the beginning of our relationship."

    Yeah, that's tough to understand.
    Agreed. She said she cheated. It is not cheating unless there is a commitment and exclusivity involved.

    If there is no commitment or exclusivity, fooling around with other people is not cheating.

    Oh well. OP good luck with your device, and hopefully you have learned that cheating on someone isn't a cool thing to do. At least break up him if you think about cheating ever again.
    02-29-12 03:13 PM
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    Hence my

    I don't understand why she is paranoid.

    She did it, he knew she did it. There's the door.

    Or, "My boyfriend doesn't trust me. What do I do?" Re-evaluate your priorities to start with, oh, then go post it on the web.

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    Completely agreed.

    If she is paranoid, she is probably worried about him catching her again.
    02-29-12 03:40 PM
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    kellyjdrummer - my mother always taught me 'If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.' Today, I am finding it very difficult to keep to that and also I am not about hiding behind my keyboard and running my mouth. If you're ever in East London, let me know

    Just to clarify, I do not start the thread for relationship advice, it is not needed. I am a grown woman and am capable of making my own decisions, whether people agree with them or not is their own problem.

    I only asked the question on this forum because I thought (wrongly?) it was for people with questions about their blackberrys.

    Anyway... Thank you to all those who answered my question.
    03-01-12 05:54 AM
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    I wasn't going to post again after my last one but I just couldn't help myself.

    'interwebz'? really? I'm a DNS technician, if you know what that means.

    As for being your type.... please.
    03-01-12 06:33 AM
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    I think part of the comments were brought in because you brought in teh part of cheating on him which invited those opinions.

    My thoughts coming from someone that has been happily married for 9 years. If a significant other is insecure and untrusting, then you should ask yourself what you're doing to make that other person feel that way. If you've (general you as in any person) cheated in the past, what are you doing differently so that your partner is not left to have to stress about this.

    You shouldn't say anything to others that you can't share with your significant other.

    My phone, email, etc are open for my spouse (or gf if I were dating) to look through if they want because I have nothing to hide. My wife and I can pick up and check each others phones, emails, texts, etc. Do we? No, not really. But the option is there should we want to. There's a difference between secrecy and privacy. Secrecy is doing things or saying things that might hurt the other person and trying to hide it from them. Privacy is being able to go to the bathroom by yourself. Relationships have to be open and honest from the get go. If you're not willing, then find someone you're willing to with.

    Prob not what you wanted to hear. But being open, honest, and transparent with your significant other goes a long way towards a happy relationship.
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    03-01-12 10:22 AM
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    Hi guys just joined and was wondering if you would be able to answerthis question fro me .
    my old blacberry bold died and it was sent back to tmobile who then issued me with a new blackberry so obv a new pin.

    What i wanted to know is what happens to the data on the old pin. and more importantly if i was bbm'ing someone who has there phone settings saved to save bbm conversations would they now be DELETED for good off of their phone or would they still have copys of the messages even tho my pin has been sent back to the phone company and been destroyed as the fone was beyond repair..

    please can you try help
    much appreciated guys
    03-01-12 10:42 AM
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    thanks kelly your gonna think im really dumb but how the do you start a new thread on this thing !

    03-01-12 11:22 AM
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    It's amazing to me that everyone believes this folly enough to immediately blame this alleged "partner", and it's not occurred to anyone that this person is trying to ask for ideas on how to set up themselves to do the spying.

    I don't even...*sigh*
    03-01-12 06:49 PM
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    The easiest way to handle it is to call Dr. Phil. Have the entire drama play out on national television, you might get your own reality show too!

    Tell him how you cheated first in the 'relationship', and I use that word lightly...he'll have the same to say as most of these ppl did, as per how you got caught cheating.

    Back to the topic about bugging your phone, and hyping up London's black market...you sound like a conspiracy theory whack job, but hey that's just me though...I'm going to subscribe to this thread and watch the drama unfold while I'm at work LOL
    03-01-12 07:22 PM
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    Astonishing thread ...

    What I'll do :
    1/ Change my PW and keep it secret; it's (commune) nonsense to have a PW enabled device and let anyone knowing it. I place a bet : this passsword is at least used in one of your sensitive access (facebook, twitter, bank (ouch !)...) account - just think about it.
    2/ If he knows your pw, he does not need any spy program, he can access your phone whenever it's not in your hand (any shower time will be good enough for that).
    3/ Once you've changed your PW, just make a test with a higly trusted friend: fire a (fake) text message saying something you're sure that your companion can't resist to react. And you'll know if his name is Bond ... or if he's a "Jackie" (someone pretending being a hacker but barely makes the difference between a protocol and a process).

    Privacy and security are nothing if you don't apply basic rules. A password is secret and must be kept secret being rule #1.
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    03-02-12 03:52 AM
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