Dear All,

    Just moved from my trusty but ageing 10 year old Palm setup to a BB 8900. I miss the touchscreen but it's nice to use a XXIst century OS for a change.
    One of the reasons for making the move was WiFi, so I was dismayed to find out that I cannot use the Gmail and Facebook standalone apps over WiFi. I have a data plan (but not unlimited), but my cell carrier's service is spotty, and in any case WiFi is much faster (and free when I'm abroad, I don't want to pay data roaming charges). PLEASE SAVE ME YOUR RANTS ABOUT LOWLIFES WHO DON'T WANT TO PAY FOR BIS/BES - SOME OF US JUST CAN'T AFFORD IT! I'm not asking for free push email or stuff that certainly needs BB's skills and technology - I'm only asking a Facebook app to retrieve silly things over the net as in the iphone or android phones...
    I tried to bypass google's blackberry-specific gmail app, and installed the generic version. It's uglier but it works... over GPRS/EDGE! For some reason, WiFi only connectivity does not reveal itself to the Java virtual machine as an available data connection (unlike the BB version, the generic java app should in theory not care about GPRS or WiFi, it only needs to connect).
    I searched and searched and I could not find a hack to do it, which strikes me as odd. I think (but I'm not capable of doing it) that it would be relatively simple to program a hack that fools programs looking for GPRS connections to go through WiFi. Perhaps a service books trick?
    I think I and lots of people would be willing to pay for such a program. Should I start a software bounty? Comments welcome!

    Thanks everyone

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    PS: I see that this is a very old issue... No developers cashing in??
    GPRS to WiFi Proxy Tunnel Hack: it's on this forum, showthread.php?t=7127
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    Aerize WiFiX maybe what you need:

    You'll have to search for the many other threads on this product.

    I haven't used/tried the app myself... and am not sure IF Aerize still sell it.

    Edit : It is listed here : Aerize Mobile Site
    Article : Aerize WiFiX – Force Applications to Work Over Wi-Fi | BerryReview.com

    Edit2 : TEST the product 1st to ensure it does what you need before you purchase.
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    brilliant! that was fast, many thanks. will give it a try and report back here.
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    BINGO! Aerize WiFiX works out of the box with Google Maps and Google search, but not with Gmail. I managed to make it work with Gmail though!! Please take a look at this thread (I'm not allowed to post links yet):
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