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    Not sure what it means, but my Curve 8530 has recently displayed a 'H-T' on the main screen where the message icons and such usually display. hasn't caused issues with the phone and the other icons show as normal, just wondernig what it means? i can't seem to get rid of it even after a few battery pulls, and no app seems to be sending it. annoying more than anything.

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    11-21-11 02:42 PM
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    Have you checked your message folder.
    11-21-11 02:44 PM
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    screen shot pic??
    11-21-11 07:42 PM
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    You can see the 'H-T' right in the middle. and FYI it's not part of the theme as it showed up a month after i installed it. not suer if it has anything to do with my Bluetooth headset since that is the only other change, shows up paired or unpaired; even with Bluetooth OFF

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    11-22-11 07:38 AM
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    I'm going to assume it goes with the weather program installed, since the font and colors are the same.

    Perhaps it means, High-Today then the temp?

    Do you have options for the weather?
    11-22-11 11:24 AM
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    it's not the weather app since the weather app has been installed two weeks after i got the device, and i have had it well over a few months. the H-T showed up a month after i installed the Trek theme, and all the fonts are part of the theme itself. i can turn it off (go back to default BB theme) and the 'H-T' is still there, even without the app loaded and it's at the top of the screen with the other icons.
    11-23-11 05:33 PM
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    Here is the answering to your question

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    11-23-11 06:02 PM