1. lordhillwood's Avatar
    Hi have a Bold 9700 bought from Orange in Poland i am English brought it to UK inserted 3G Orange uk sim paid for bis acct, now have no access to wifi , the wifi icon is grey,

    have no blackberry icon

    yes wifi is on in manage connections
    browser set to hotspot in advanced options+general
    data set to on +on with prompt when roaming
    Wifi on
    home tiscali wifi modem installed as profile key stored
    Bold cant connect to wifi says "cant associate with wifi"
    yes bis is authorized conf by orange uk
    working on os 5
    i followed advice from forum where i set phone as above +turned off phone taking battery out, and rebooting router then reconnecting wifi

    Then i pinged the ssid of the router and was connected via wma for 20 mins since then it boots me off everytime

    now i have a grey i in black box next to the ssid instead of a green icon and white tick as in being connected

    Spent two hours on phone to support and got nowhere, and countless more on rebooting

    has anyone got a solution to this grey wifi icon ?

    Question does orange software stop me connecting if its geographical ie phone bought in Poland but used in uk is that the issue ?

    so will removing all that rubbish help ie unlock+remove proprietorial software

    cant see it would its ludricrous u cant use bis acct accross country borders
    01-06-12 09:11 AM
  2. Fubaz's Avatar
    did you add the new phone to your BIS account?
    you will need to do this
    01-06-12 09:25 AM
  3. lordhillwood's Avatar
    its not a new phone its the same phone i had in Poland with bis acct registered to orange poland with uk sim card with bis payment made and working according to orange+email etc is coming through but cant connect to wifi

    plus i switched sims no wifi on orange polska or orange uk sim no matter what i do i cant get a blackberry symbol on the screen or wifi to go from grey to white

    GPRS signal reasonable too

    i loved my blackberry now i am between jobs but if this is going to be like this its going in the bin and android will get purchased absolute crap u cant move around and use wifi
    01-06-12 09:41 AM