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    OK, fair is fair. I give something to you, and I get back in return.
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    GURU (J. Clark-are you listening?) PLEASE HELP This is my question: How can I mount my media card as removeable storage (ie: drive letter on PC) via BlueTooth? Tetherberry can't handle it!

    I am trying to establish either a VPN thru PPTP or a PAN and can't figure out how to do it. Tetherberry doesn't support VPN thru PPTP or bluetooth VPN. Any gurus got a clue on this, or is it even possible yet. I am trying out Mobile SSH and SymVPN right now, but I'm already over my head. I was lucky enough to find the great post above on this to get the tethering to work.
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    This is a great link everyone-best I've found. Not everyone needs Tetherberry to get it done. It just takes a little (or a lot) of fooling with and some patience. Whatever you do, don't download and install Blackberry Smart (Secure) Card Reader as it prevents the bluetooth pairing from happening. I discovered this the hard way.
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    SLB: Blackberry 8800 Bluetooth Configuration Guide Step-by-Step

    Writeup is for Cingular, but I have Sprint and just made a few changes.

    Get your DNS if reqd here:
    Sprint.com - Sprint
    Go to Server Data, and use tools like LOOKUP, REVERSE IP, ETC. Name servers are shown in an alpha list, but when I did this before somehow I also got the associated IP number address ( and for sprint). Also, DUN Dialup number for Sprint is #777 and I left all DNS to autofind.
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    Followed the instructions above, and I have it all setup and working as a tethered modem thru DUN. Goes 310 Kbs download on EDGE. You can get the DNS numbers for any carrier from here. Scroll down to competitors and their all there.
    04-11-09 10:04 PM
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    wow this is a real deep question that i believe needs worthy attention!
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