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    Look, I loved my 9650. I really did and I tried, I really tried to make it a great phone. I downloaded all the new firmwares, all the hybrids, everything to perfect it. But the OS.. it was just so far behind in actual usability.

    So I bought the nexus s 4g and the first few days were amazing. It was definitely the "honeymoon period" and I could not stop touching that beautiful large screen.... but then the honeymoon ended. I began to miss the keyboard, the cohesive messaging system, typing a name and dialing, the perfect bluetooth implementation, and most importantly, the fact that the phone just worked!

    But after a few months of reflection, I can honestly implore you to switch, switch immediately. BBX sounds amazing, but the only way that will ever come out in a timely manner is if YOU the consumer show the producer RIM how much they are ******* up. So switch, do it, because Android is generations ahead than OS7. You couldn't pay me to give up my nexus s -- well maybe for a galaxy nexus that is...
    12-04-11 08:31 PM
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    12-04-11 08:32 PM