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    I'm trying to figure out this problem I'm having. Currently, I'm in Vegas and I'm trying to locate things in Vegas however google maps keeps saying the "GPS is temporarily unvailable." It was working before I left for Vegas and I even deleted the old G Maps and downloaded the new version of G Maps. So does anybody have any ideas on what could be my problem.

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    10-24-10 11:03 PM
  2. torched9800's Avatar
    It could just be that you're out of satellite range.

    It can take several seconds to get a GPS fix, during this time Google Maps tells you GPS is unavailable.

    In case you didn't already know, it can difficult to get a satellite fix if you're indoors and particularly if you're in a basement etc.

    On the 9800 you can check details of the last GPS fix by going to the Options app, selecting Device, the Location settings (could be different on earlier devices).
    10-24-10 11:38 PM
  3. papped's Avatar
    Google Maps 4.4 problem, 4.5.1 seems to fix it

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    10-25-10 01:52 AM
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    Coming from verizon, I'm pretty sure it's a carrier issue. Seems gsm phones take longer to lock in your location with the network aiding. Pretty sure anyways. I just took a trip in which I used my gps and I definitely noticed it couldn't find me in some really obvious places.
    10-25-10 06:51 AM
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    Use a program like GPS Tool or Signal Location Utility. The GPS may take a minute or so to lock on. I use BerryWeather's Homescreen feature to see local weather obviously on my Homescreen. I have it set for GPS with Cell backup with updates every 45 minutes. This keeps the GPS up to date with where you are. This means for me very little lock-on time when using GPS apps. Battery drain is a tradeoff but minimal.

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    10-25-10 07:25 AM