1. MissHannah's Avatar
    I just rebooted my Curve 8310 and a GPS Telenav icon appeared, What is it?
    03-02-10 07:21 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    Telenav is a subscription turn-by-turn voice navigation system, similar to VZNav and Garmin Mobile. It sounds like Rogers is pushing it. If you don't want it, just hide the icon. Most likely if you delete it, they'll just push it back again. I'm currently trying it out on my Verizon Tour.
    03-02-10 07:44 PM
  3. Kensit's Avatar
    tele nav is an option that you can purchase..
    if you travel or go to areas that your not familiar with it is great

    cost is 10.00 per month with no commitment and i beleive you get first month free
    03-07-10 09:48 AM
  4. jeffh's Avatar
    I was not offered a free first month, but that could be something TeleNav has done in the past. There is a free 14-day trial, which is enough to give you a feel for the app. The pricing options I was offered were: $10 / month; $99 for one year; and $249 for four years. The last time I checked, Garmin Mobile was $10 / month or $99 for as long as you owned your device. That would make Garmin cheaper if you kept your device for over a year.

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    03-07-10 10:05 AM
  5. catusjack's Avatar
    I think mine came free from Sprint.
    03-07-10 10:06 AM
  6. Kensit's Avatar
    jeff i am talking about rogers in canada,
    i dont think it was somthing that was offered by telenav
    03-11-10 07:41 PM
  7. jeffh's Avatar
    Good point about the carrier offering it. I subscribed on a month-to-month basis so I could continue to evaluate it. I had previously used Garmin Mobile. I noticed that both TeleNav and Garmin give me the same incorrect instruction at one intersection. Apparently the two apps use the same underlying maps.

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    03-11-10 07:48 PM