1. MelanieC's Avatar
    Ok - New to the blackberry. I don't have unlimited texting. I also can't find a texting icon on my blackberry. OMG the pains of learning to use a new device lol. I feel like a lost soul.
    06-04-08 03:51 PM
  2. jenaywins's Avatar
    You mean like your messaging centre? It's the icon that looks like an envelope. Glad to hear you got your Curve!!

    PS- Get unlimited texting. Just trust me on this.
    06-04-08 03:52 PM
  3. MelanieC's Avatar
    Hmm the first icon is where it is located? There wasn't anything there.

    I'm not sure my husband will allow me to spend another $10 per month lol, he already thinks i'm nuts for adding on $40 per month. What other reasons is there to get the texting - I have NO texting on my phone now. My daughter currently has unlimited on hers -so it would be another 10 for everyone in the family.

    Now - if they just allowed no cost texting to Afghanistan while hubby was there - I could convince him to pay it.
    06-04-08 04:00 PM
  4. CO_BBTechie's Avatar
    You may need to call AT&T customer service and request that SMS messaging be added to your account. I believe this is not always a standard add. You can then choose a text messaging plan or not. If not you will be charged per message (both in and out.)
    06-04-08 04:22 PM