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    About 6 weeks ago, when I bought my BB 8830 from Centennial de Puerto Rico. The salesman told me that the GPS function was up and running and that I was not going to have any problem. As soon as I got out of the store, I tried to use it without any success, getting a Searching for Satellites message. I called customer support and the first person I talked to told me that the satellites didnt reach PR, so I explained to him, that I teach GPS at university level and that his statement was totally wrong. Well, to keep thing short, after talking to about 3 different persons, who all the time tried to help me taking me through the process of checking if the GPS was on, they finally found out that the GPS function is not available for the personal accounts and it is available for the business part.

    The funny part is that every now and then, I get satellites locked and get a position and then, after a few minutes stops working. This looks to me more like a problem with my units. Anyone using Centennial de PR using a BB with GPS built-in who has successfully use the capability of GPS?

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    06-21-08 09:25 AM
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    If I were you I woould take it back to the salesperson and take it up with them. Either replace the device or think about returning it.
    06-21-08 10:23 AM
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    It Doent Work For Personal Account I Have The Same Problem And A Friend Of Mine.
    06-25-08 02:27 PM
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    Well, the carrier might have the GPS function crippled in the OS, like Verizon does. It's not like they can stop the GPS signals...the freakin' satellites are over 12,000 miles out in space. Have you tried loading any of the free GPS navigation apps and see if you can at least view your coordinates?
    06-26-08 12:10 PM
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    The first time I talked to customer service, the person told me that "the GPS satellite didn't reach Puerto Rico." He just gave me first thing that looked like a logical explanation to him. I had to tell him that I teach GPS at university level and the satellites signal reaches Puerto Rico and all the Earth surface...

    As I said, the salesman and Customer Service thought the GPS capability was available... then 4 weeks ago, they promissed they were going to look into the problem and keep me posted. Today, after 1.5 months, I received an e-mail as a follow up coversation from 3 days ago.

    In the message, they basically tell me nothing new. The said, "available form Business Solution but not to personal users. we are going to keep a note in the system so in a futere, your problem can be taken into consideration."

    I'm taking this to the Junta Reglamentadora de Telecomunicaciones de Puerto Rico and to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Let's see if they can help me with the problem... I will keep you posted.
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    06-26-08 09:35 PM
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    I just got a blackberry pearl 8130 from Centenial, PR. I got the same error you got, but I have the Corporate Package. Full access to everything. the support people told me, there is something I need to do to activate it. I already check that the GPS is ON in the phone. Did they gave you any specific instructions to activate the GPS on you phone?
    07-19-08 02:53 PM
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    I just called the support desk again. This time, they told me Centenial, Puerto Rico does NOT support the GPS feature in any of the blackberry models

    I am returning my unit...
    07-19-08 03:05 PM
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    After they kept telling me that the GPS was available only to corporate users and even suggested changing my account from personal to corporate, they finally accepted is not availlable to either one.

    I'm trying a Garming 10x mobile for Blackberry (Blue Tooth) and it is still having problems accessing the external GPS with BB Maps. The Garming software access the GPS and once connected, BB Maps access the GPS.

    I would like to add, don't bother buying Garming for Puerto Rico. Garming is using an old version of Navteq's maps for PR, with many errors. I have used Google Maps and MS Live Maps, both using newer version of Navteq... and both are free. Same here connecting the Garming GPS to Google Maps and MS Live Maps... You have to do it through Garming software.
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    07-28-08 11:21 AM
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    As an update to the previous message where I mentioned the Garming 10x mobile for Blackberry... I sent the following message to Garmin:

    I'm using Garming 10x mobile for Blackberry. I have noticed you are using an old version of Navteq maps which have a lot of errors for Puerto Rico. I have used Google Maps and MS Live Maps which also use Navteq and they are both using better data (newer maps). When are you going to start using the newer data? Until then, my system is useless.

    I just received the following answer:

    Thank you for contacting Garmin International.
    As of today, there is not a set date for updating the maps. As soon as the change occurs you will see the updated information on your phone.

    I'm checking on how to return the unit.
    07-28-08 03:48 PM