09-10-10 08:50 PM
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  1. beck4597's Avatar
    Ok, I have a curve 8330m from Alltel. v installed
    I am looking for an workaround for the gps. I have gps on and have not been able to get a satellite fix. BBmaps opens but can't obtain location, google maps have been way off.
    So, I activated telenav and gps was very accurate. Ran some test with BBmaps for routes and location and gps was dead on. I canceled telenav and gps continued until the next business day. Now I can't use gps on BBmaps, I only canceled telenav, did a battery pull etc as mentioned above but nothing.
    What can I do besides pay for telenav??
    Have you figured anything out? I also have Alltel. I haven't been able to use the GPS on my 8330 since I bought the stupid thing. Well, maybe not that long. I guess I never tried until a few months ago. I brought the phone into Alltel and they told me it was a BB issue, not an Alltel issue. I don't want to pay for telenav either. $140 a month for the phone plan is quite enough already....
    06-04-10 01:25 PM
  2. yoyola's Avatar
    I had the same problem
    06-08-10 09:27 PM
  3. wiggy999's Avatar
    The only way I could get GPS working on my 8330 (not an M) was to buy an external GPS receiver for about 30$ on Ebay. It's almost 100% reliable now, but the internal GPS was useless. Would work for an hour one day, then 5 minutes...
    06-15-10 02:29 PM
  4. Barfaroo's Avatar
    I have an 8330e; not 8330m (wife has 8330m).

    My GPS went out while traveling cross-country in the past week, upon searching for a solution I found one:

    Press and hold <alt> then press LGLG [the keys, that is].
    This will bring up a log.
    Press your menu (blackberry) button. Select "Clear logs".
    Confirm to delete.

    Reset your device:
    Battery Pull OR
    Quickpull OR
    <alt> right<shift> <delete>.


    Hope this helps... Yes I realize this is an older thread, but it may come in handy for someone else (or even me) down the line.

    P.S. -- GMaps locks on with the 8330m now, bug has been fixed.
    What logs do you clear? I have a zillion logs, and when I hit the menu key it simply says "Clear Log," not logs.
    06-17-10 10:58 AM
  5. Prince_of_Darkness1955's Avatar
    My GPS was working fine until about a month ago. I called USCC and was given the "it's a BB problem" response. It's all good. I'm in the market for a new phone anyway and the HTC Android is starting to look pretty good. That's a shame too. I really love my Blackberry, but as with anything else, it can be replaced. If blackberry doesn't want me as a customer, that's cool. I can take a few more of their customers with me.
    08-22-10 08:12 AM
  6. w4mws's Avatar
    Thank You
    I followed your directions and deleted my logs and my GPS is working again
    Thanks you
    09-10-10 08:50 PM
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