04-29-09 10:40 AM
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  1. altournoux's Avatar
    Besides that maybe someone knows how I can push mail without having to pay the option with my carrier?
    04-29-09 12:37 AM
  2. cschalk's Avatar
    Update: So I ripped Mobile GMaps off my phone and installed Nav4All and GPS now works! woot! (though it's not terribly accurate, it's close enough for gov't work).

    Also, when I installed Nav4All, it asked me if I wanted to enable my GPS chip (which I thought was interesting). Could it be it was disabled and needed enabling? Whatever the cause, it works now. I wish Nav4All used a cache of maps but I guess i'll take what I can get.
    04-29-09 09:45 AM
  3. ezflip's Avatar
    My phone does not pass the GPS test but when I use BB Maps it finds me almost instantly. I've also had some problems using apps that use GPS liek a golf app. Do I need to pay for the VZ Navigator for Verizon in order for my GPS to work all the time?
    Not sure if this will help for verizon, but try loading bb maps and start navigation. Once that locks onto satelites, leave it running and switch to your 3rd party app. That is what I have to do on Alltel to get the 3rd party apps like the golf app and speedometer and nav4all, etc... to work.
    04-29-09 10:40 AM
53 123