1. alyssaeeknow's Avatar
    Okay if I disable the Gps from my phone will my mother still be able to see where I am?
    Because if she can Id rather not have it! Thatd soo make this phone not worth it.
    please please help, I dont need my mother showing up at parties p
    07-15-10 02:29 AM
  2. dictoresno's Avatar
    um how exactly is she seeing where you are? is she using an application for it? theoretically yes, disabling GPS will hinder GPS tracking software from locating you. well, so will you being indoors at your party since GPS doesnt work very well, if at all, indoors. you usually need line of sight for it to work.
    07-15-10 03:16 AM
  3. shansmi's Avatar
    For anyone to be tracked, there is either an application or service doing it. GPS will be primary and towers as backup. Many phones today have GPS; all we carry that are not free all have a GPS so it is not limited to your 9700 and all can be located by triangulation if powered up.

    If your trying to hide, power down but then ya can't text or make calls. Damn the luck. Safer just to be truthful?

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    07-15-10 07:21 AM