03-16-09 05:18 AM
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    Etisalat downloads are available here:


    you will find .162 there and if you downgrade to that your GPS will be usable again
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    02-22-09 11:47 PM
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    SOLVED.. Finally: I had the same problem on every beta OS I upgraded to from Etisalat on BB Bold.. the dreadful GPS = None!!

    Just upgraded from beta .237 to official .247 (official from a Slovenian carrier: search for the " Newest 9000 OS " post) and GPS is baaaaack on Etisalat

    Better yet, I haven't seen the GPS lock in so fast. 2 seconds and I got 8 satellites covering me in Dubai. The whole OS is a breeze. Etisalat should stop being damn lazy (and greedy.. 205 AED monthly charges for BB service!!) and upgrade officially to this OS.

    Not sure if the "beta .247" (haven't tried it) would solve this problem as well or if it was related to official releases vs. beta ones.

    Any Bold Etisalat users out there tried installing the beta .247 and tested the GPS on Etisalat? It would be interesting if the problem was related to Beta OS releases.
    03-13-09 07:14 PM
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    Great find !! So ur saying that if I upgrade to .247 then ill still have my gps ?!!

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    03-16-09 05:18 AM
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