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    08-27-10 11:45 AM
  2. heavenlydogs's Avatar
    I just purchased it yesterday. Drove around the lake road then freeway. Stopped at a bay and marked it as a waypoint. The mph seems to be accurate. However give it some time make sure it reads out right. I picked up phone on freeway it read 20 mph less then we were actually going for a few seconds then caught up. The miles traveled did not work. I have a email into support. We will see how that goes. For me, I wanted something that told us how far we have traveled in boat and how fast. I also wanted it for walking, running and hiking. I am still playing with it so I will get back to you to let you know how it works. So far there are things that are cool like the mph, altitude, compass, and the track saved to sd card. But there are things I wish it had like min, max speed traveled, speed traveled on saved map. I will keep you posted. I was also looking at aispot if anyone has any expierence with that app, please post. At least aispot has a free trail!
    08-30-10 06:32 PM
  3. heavenlydogs's Avatar
    Customer service was awesome fixed the miles read out fast.

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    09-02-10 02:20 PM
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    Can this app display your location in UTM coordinates?
    01-14-11 02:33 PM