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    Hey - I am a GPS novice. I don't really get it. I use Google Maps. I read all the GPS stuff in the BB manual and still don't understand. I have my location on so if I'm ever like locked in a trunk or something, that I can be found....but how does it find me...by phone #.

    and...can someone direct me to a link where I can read, understand and attempt to use it. Thx.
    04-20-09 12:42 PM
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    I’m almost positive that your cell signal is tracked by satellites, and if you need more information just type in gps at Wikipedia
    04-20-09 12:47 PM
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    there are 2 different ways that google maps can determine your location... one is off of the cell phone towers (aGPS) and the other is by GPS satellites. the tower method is faster from a cold start (<60 sec) but much less accurate (2200 meters) vs the gps accuracy of 7ft, but it can take 1-12 minutes to get a gps fix... so if you are in a hurry it can frustrate you. also for GPS to work you must have a clear view of the sky...

    one thing to understand is that you mush have a data connection in order to use google maps because it downloads the map for your current location on the fly- instead of gps units like in cars that have most of the country stored in memory- so if you are in the woods you might be able to get a GPS fix but you won't be able to see any roads because you can't download any info.

    btw, the 8900 has both GPS and aGPS
    04-20-09 01:39 PM
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    u r so professional upstairs!!
    04-20-09 07:43 PM
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    The first thing that one needs to understand about GPS is tha( you phone is not being found by the sa(ellites. The phone is finding itself, by doing a complex calculation with the data from the sa(ellites.

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    04-20-09 07:54 PM