1. jpgnfx's Avatar

    I'm from Singapore, previously used the 9000 and 9700 purchased from Singapore and had no problems with either.

    However I've recently imported a non-camera 9650 from Sprint due to work requirements. (Running on GSM/3G BIS network)

    The GPS and even cell tower triangulation does not seem to work in Foursquare and Google Maps. Strangely enough, SocialScope does find my location via cell triangulation.

    Anyone knows why? I've heard Sprint sets come fully unlocked, but I can't get my GPS to work. Would hybriding a 9700's GPS file with the 9650's OS files work?

    TIA much.
    07-03-10 09:11 PM
  2. Vurhan's Avatar
    I'm from Malaysia, running on an unlocked Tour, have the same problems as well. Triangulation does not work at all : for areas with no satellite signal, all apps refuse to lock on a spot. Trying to check-in Foursquare inside a shopping mall is not possible.

    Satellite GPS, however, works fine when outdoors.

    I tried researching this subject to no avail. Seems like utilising the GSM part disables triangulation.
    08-06-10 11:04 AM