1. viper157's Avatar
    I'm looking for a gps app to do basic navigation. I'm looking for the basic type information (speed direction altitude etc). I would also like to be able to input coordinates and have the software point me in the correct direction.

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    05-13-09 03:37 PM
  2. rorycalhoun's Avatar
    Have you checked out GPSED ?
    05-13-09 08:02 PM
  3. trucky's Avatar
    GPSed, BlackStar and SpeedoMeter will all do what you're looking for free. Hop over to the GPS forum here and do a search on each one. You'll find a ton of good info.
    05-14-09 07:05 AM
  4. viper157's Avatar
    BlackStar looks very cool thx.
    05-21-09 12:20 AM
  5. Nrahc's Avatar
    I am looking for an app that i can use to upload my waypoints (list of names, coordinates, altitudes) to my blackberry bold, and keep them in my favorite folder so that i can quickly get a direction there
    10-08-11 03:33 AM
  6. aneesberry's Avatar
    How to download compass digital on b.berry bold 9700?
    12-05-11 01:06 PM