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    I have an 8530 Curve and like to utilize the internal GPS. I use Google Maps, Blackberry Maps, Poynt, and a few other APPS. Initially when I got the phone the GPS would lock and function with all APPS. After an upgrade to the OS the internal GPS ONLY works with Blackberry Maps, and no one has been able to figure this out. One way around this was to buy a Freedom Keychain 2000 external Bluetooth GPS receiver and use it with my GPS apps instead of the internal GPS

    This works great, but with one quirk. The external reciever will lock onto sats and bluetooth to the phone, but is seems none of the APPS initially will recognize the reciever is active UNTIL I connect to GPS navigation with Blackberry Maps. AS soon as I turn on GPS navigation with the Blackberry Maps ALL of my other GPS Apps will find and use the external reciever.

    This is a workable "workaround" but is kind of annoying that I can't use Google maps and get a GPS lock UNLESS I first start Blackberry Maps, connect to GPS navigation, and leave it running in the background.
    01-20-11 10:03 AM
  2. MissoulaMarinerFan's Avatar
    Sometimes updating your prl (dial *228, then option 2). Helps this. What OS version are you using? I'm using, and I haven't had issues w/bb maps, google maps, or poynt.
    01-20-11 12:15 PM
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    Which was supposed to be the latest I could get through US Cellular about a month ago.

    I have been through a couple of version upgrades in the last couple of months and none helped. The last one was PAINFUL, as the tech did not have everything backed up right. Won't go through that fiasco again. I will just live with my workaround.

    *228 option 2 did not help (that was one of the US Cellular support suggestions). I have also talked directly to Blackberry support (who mainly blamed it on US Cellular), though the internal GPS worked fine on all applications about 3 software upgrades in the past on the same US Cellular network.
    01-20-11 01:19 PM
  4. MissoulaMarinerFan's Avatar
    Might seem silly, and I haven't seen this mentioned...but, did you try a battery pull? I don't really know what else it could be...quite the interesting situation ya got going on...Sorry I can't be of anymore help!
    01-20-11 01:23 PM
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    Yes, I usually do a batter pull about once a week, as I have two batteries and keep one freshly charged all the time. That hasn't helped a bit.

    Thanks for the thought, though.

    It has really helped a lot getting the external GPS reciever (Freedom Keychain 2000). For 60 bucks it bluetooth connects and has a much more powerful reciever than the internal one in the phone. As long as I connect to Blackberry Maps first I can get a quick and accurate lock for all other GPS applications I run.
    01-21-11 07:57 AM
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    Have you tried disconecting the gps receiver and just use the internal one and open blackberry maps, then open one of your applications that use gps while running blackberry maps in the background.

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    01-21-11 09:54 AM
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    yes, I did try that, and the internal GPS still did not seem to work with any other Apps (like Google Maps). I don't know if it is just because the internal GPS may not be as sensitive as the external reciever or if something else is going on.
    01-21-11 12:58 PM
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    One more thing you could try is updating to the newest OS for 8530 which is There are plenty step by step instructions on CrackBerry of how to safely backup all the stuff on your phone (including 3rd party apps), and upgrade to the newest OS whether it is for your carrier or not. If you were able to rig up a blue-tooth gps deal on your phone, I'm confident that you could load a new OS on your device by yourself.
    01-21-11 01:21 PM