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    I have read a lot of posts without much luck. My 8330 won't get a GPS lock. I have tried through blackberry maps and the test (although, I admit that I didn't go outside for the test). My storm used to be able to get a fix inside, with no problem. Any tricks to get this little rascal working? I was running 4.5, now I am on 5.0. It didn't work before, either.
    09-04-10 10:17 AM
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    What's your service provider?

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    09-04-10 11:55 AM
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    Try the test outside, with a clear view of the sky AND with a good cell signal. Your storm has a different GPS chip than the 8330 and the performance may not be comparable.
    09-04-10 12:13 PM
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    With 4.5 I could never get a lock-on and even on 5.0 I still couldnt get BB maps or google to either. Even after messing with the GPS programming unlock method, still no luck. I've been using Bing and it locks on very accurately.
    09-04-10 03:37 PM
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    Answering 2 replys in 1. I did try the test outside today. It was a nice day. The test failed. My provider is Sasktel. I asked at a couple of phone stores.
    They said that they had heard that the 8330 wasn't working properly on Sasktel. I will give them a call, and see if they have any advice. Meantime...what is this program unlocking method all about?
    09-04-10 08:57 PM
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    Dont try this unless you know what you're doing. Its a long process, but worth a try.

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