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    Hey Guys,

    Ive got an 8830WE from VZN that Im using now in Spain with a BIS account from Orange. When they activated my data plan I set up 3 email accnts (gmail, hotmail, blackberry.orange.es) and it first received a couple of emails and then stopped. GPRS went to gprs and only the WAP browser was working. No PIN msgs, no emails in or out… I tried several soft resets and switching network connections off, etc. Only after a battery pull the GPRS went uppercase a couple of emails and even PIN msgs came in and out and after a few minutes it turned gprs again and everything stopped. I wiped the phone and the same, first couple of mins worked then stopped. I reinstalled the OS system, that btw was the latest version before as well and the same happened. I even unbranded the phone thinking maybe it is a data lock from VZN. This time I noticed that the phone started working correctly and only after setting up the email accounts it went to gprs, so I wiped it and didnt set up any email accounts and it works. At the moment it even receives the emails of my three email accounts (set up via
    ht tp://blackberry.orange.es) but of course I can’t answer to any email from the BB. In my opinion it has something to do with the emails service books. When I use the WAP browser it also goes gprs and sometimes it would stop connecting to the internet even though it is GPRS and I have to make a hard reset.

    Any advice will be much appreciated, this issue is driving me crazy, I’ve spent days now trying to fix it
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    02-20-10 04:35 PM
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    No comments?????
    02-22-10 08:43 AM
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    Good coverage? Also, did you try resending your Service Books?
    02-22-10 08:53 AM
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    Coverage is good, everytime I resend the SB GPRS goes gprs and only wap navigation is available

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    02-22-10 10:53 PM
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    same problem here in India! Any solutions will be great help.
    07-11-10 04:14 AM
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    Are you a GSM user?

    Does your telco require TCP/IP or APN settings?

    Perform simple test by removing the TCP/IP or APN settings leaving it uncheck first.

    Turn off network connection first.
    Check you are not under roaming.
    Network technology change to GSM/UMTS
    Network mode is 3G & 2G
    Turn on connection again.

    Then go Option>Advance>Host routing table> Register now.

    You should receive a blackberry registration successful mail.
    07-11-10 04:50 AM
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    I have a Verizon branded Tour, using it in Europe with pre-paid SIM cards. It was working fine with only the APN connection for a while, now suddenly about 2 months ago, data stopped working. The APN works on my other phones, so it's not that. When I put SIM cards from other networks in the Tour, data works some with of them, others not (with correct APN setting). On all my other phones data always works with correct APN settings. I'm getting pissed. I think I've just about had it with BlackBerry and their stupid data restrictions...
    07-11-10 05:55 AM