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    I'm having a problem with recurring events that begin in Daylight Savings Time and continue into Standard Time, when syncing with Google Calendar using Google Sync 0.4.6 on my Blackberry Curve running OS

    If I create the event on my BB, it originally appears as I would expect - all occurrences appear at the same time of day. After the first subsequent sync the events appear on my Google Calendar, but the instances appearing during DST appear 1 hour earlier in the day, while the same events on the BB continue to appear at their original time. After the second subsequent sync, these same events are also shifted on the BB. This doesn't happen with single events, with recurring events that begin and end within the same DST period, or with recurring events created in Google Calendar.

    This doesn't appear to be related to the shift in the start/end of DST, or the DST patch available from RIM, but it does appear to be related to GMT offset.

    I've read and understand JeffH's article regarding time zone issues. With this article in mind, I'm left wondering why it doesn't do this prior to syncing.

    I also can't seem to find any reference to enabling/disabling observance of DST on the Blackberry or Google Calendar. Is this handled as part of the Time Zone selection? I noticed that there both the BB and Google Calendar have a separate Time Zone listing for Arizona (which doesn't observe DST).

    Aside from avoiding creating problematic events on my BB, does anyone have any suggestions on how to "correct" this problem?
    09-17-08 10:51 PM