1. DaniPhiSig's Avatar
    Hi There,

    I have done a previous thread on this topic before, but I am still stumped.

    I currently use Outlook on my work laptop to sync my calendar, contacts, tasks, etc.

    I am thinking about switching over the Google Sync, but I wanted some honest opinions about which one you prefer. I have a Blackberry Tour, and on the off chance I not be at my job anymore, I wanted to have a backup calendar/contacts/etc. just in case.

    Which method do you prefer and why?

    02-03-10 05:09 PM
  2. bluz's Avatar
    i prefer the outlook sync,has been working flawlessly for me.
    02-03-10 11:59 PM
  3. LuvMyBB's Avatar
    Been using Outlook for years but recently switched to Google Sync. Outlook is much more robust, and GS is still a bit quirky and buggy. But I'm digging the wireless and automatic updates. Once I got it all setup right, it is serviceable.

    Still doing the occasional backup with DM and Outlook just in case. Hopefully Google will fix some of the quirks and bugs, because it is a great idea. Like I said, atm things are syncing correctly for the most part, knock on wood.

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    02-04-10 12:20 AM
  4. hondateg91's Avatar
    I've always used google sync without any major problems. The only thing is sometimes I get a duplicate event, but that's an easy fix. I use gmail so it evens out.

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    02-04-10 12:41 AM
  5. Jav0n's Avatar
    Google sync = Awesome. I actually had to save my address from a previous phone as a .csv file, import it into my google contacts, have them exported in my new phone. Worked like a charm. Only problem I did have was with the address box, the format was off for some reason, but nothing serious.
    02-04-10 01:03 AM
  6. BergerKing's Avatar
    I downloaded Google Sync and backed up about 5 months back and I'm quite pleased. The fact that I'm almost never near my home computer is a factor, here. So I know if I go to change devices in a hurry or emergency, I'll have my contacts ready to be added back is a nice feeling. Importing other calendars has been sweet, also. Not having to add things like holidays manually:Priceless.

    To me, is a life saver.

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    02-04-10 01:11 AM
  7. chucks9999's Avatar
    i use bluetooth to sync with outlook and the time (using desktop manager). also, using bluetooth, the micro usb port does not get abused by plugging/unplugging....
    02-04-10 03:33 PM
  8. mookish's Avatar
    Google has the advantage of being in the cloud if the pc with the info is not available. The cloud makes the info available anywhere from any PC.

    But me, I use outlook on BES , but I have a backup on google so when they fire my a** I'll still be good.
    02-04-10 04:51 PM