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    anyone else having this problem or have a solution... the problem exists on my wife's 8130, and since its my wifes phone its worse than if it were on MY phone

    when we both use Google sync, we share a calender between us, and have one for each individual, plus one for the dog, don't ask me why...

    on my Google Sync, i can select any of my 15 calendars or so (my 8830we)... on her 8130, all she sees in that menu is DEFAULT CALENDAR, even though she also has 5 or so calendars...

    anyone face this or have a solution?
    05-25-08 08:22 PM
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    When logging into Google Sync, the login is case sensitive. If your login is "jsmith@google.com", the Pearl will more than likely capitalize the first character to be "Jsmith@google.com". This can cause updates of only the default calendar (or no updates at all).

    Try logging out of Google Sync and then logging back in making sure not to capitalize any characters that shouldn't be. My wife also has a Pearl and we came across the same situation.

    Hopefully it works for you...
    05-25-08 09:14 PM
  3. Libuff's Avatar
    You're absolutely right... all lower caps, and it worked!

    now if i can only figure out the problem with the mysterious duplicating calendars...
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    05-25-08 09:51 PM