1. billpeacock's Avatar
    So I used google sync to put all my calender events in my bb calendar and now i am confused.

    Most of my events are all day recurring events, and on the bb they all have a bell next to them. I assume that this is the alarm, Which I don't Need.

    Can I take all of the alarms off at the same time, and how, and i am also wondering, where these are alday events, what time does the alarm go off
    09-03-08 10:44 PM
  2. superaj's Avatar
    I do not think you can take them all off at once. If they are all day events they go off at whatever time the day on your calendar starts. When I first doenloaded google sync it confused me cause my events were all day events and it would ring and I would dismiss them at like 5 in the morning and forget all about my alarms going off. Now I set actual times when I want them to ring.
    09-03-08 10:50 PM