05-09-14 12:34 AM
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  1. Troy Tiscareno's Avatar
    There are "public" folders where you can, say, put your pictures, and any app can access and modify them. There are also app-specific folders where app settings and other app data can go, where other apps can't modify them.

    It's really not that difficult - it just might force some people to organize some of their files a bit differently.
    05-06-14 01:26 PM
  2. DenverRalphy's Avatar
    I... do not see where the security is.

    Breach of security in information is, usually, a matter of someone knowing about secret information. If an app stores info about your password on the SD card, my inability to write into said app's folder doesn't, in any capacity, mitigate my ability to read it and try to figure it out, which is THE breach of security.

    And in Android development, you can choose which data are available for being moved into SD card, or just disable that altogether.
    The breach in security in that example, would be the app that saved a password to the SD card in plain text that could be read. I wouldn't use any app that did that.

    As to the recent change to the way SD cards are handled, and the effect it has on security, is pretty simple. If a 3rd party app saved crucial data (whether it be personal information, configuration settings, app data, or anything else) to it's own folder, then another 3rd party app cannot overwrite that data potentially corrupting or modifying information crucial to the original app.
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    05-06-14 01:53 PM
  3. The Big Picture's Avatar
    No sd card support means they are forcing you to either pay premium for internal memory or for you to buy into their cloud services which gives them your info and data and to that effect also requires internet connection which in turn makes carriers happy.

    Stop thinking its because of "your" security.

    Google of all people dont give a toss for your privacy and security.

    Their entire business is built on your information and data. Yours and everyone else's.

    Google really knows how to spin things. Fools will think "oh look at google they give us all these services for free and its wonderful!"

    NOTHING in this world is free. Except air. For now. ;-)

    Q10SQN100-3/, Z30, Z10, iP5, SGS3
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    05-08-14 03:18 PM
  4. theRock1975's Avatar
    Sunshine is free too.

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    05-08-14 04:56 PM
  5. The Big Picture's Avatar
    Sunshine is free too.

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    Oh yes sunshine is free!

    Q10SQN100-3/, Z30, Z10, iP5, SGS3
    05-09-14 12:34 AM
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