1. Mrs. Curvy's Avatar
    I have been playing around with the goole notebook app and happen to like
    it very much. It is also a nice way to keep a daily diary or journal. You can create different notebokks along with labels etc.

    I also like the fact that with the new google mobile app I am able to add to my notes thru my berry.
    09-12-08 10:49 AM
  2. jferguson87's Avatar
    Sounds like something I need to check out. Thnaks for posting this.

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    09-12-08 10:54 AM
  3. Mrs. Curvy's Avatar
    No problem!
    09-12-08 11:01 AM
  4. ClassaN0va's Avatar
    So you figured out how to use it?
    09-12-08 11:40 AM
  5. Mrs. Curvy's Avatar
    yeah I actually logged on last nite from home. U just need to log on from
    the pc to create your notebooks but you can add to them from the goog app.

    I like the fact that you can add colors too.
    09-12-08 11:48 AM
  6. ClassaN0va's Avatar
    Im on the pc now.

    But when I go to it.. Its talking about they are mobile notes.
    09-12-08 12:04 PM
  7. Mrs. Curvy's Avatar
    09-12-08 12:12 PM
  8. ClassaN0va's Avatar
    Been there, done that. Is it allowing you the ability to create a new note?
    09-12-08 12:14 PM
  9. Mrs. Curvy's Avatar
    yes you have to creat a new notebook. Title it whatever you want and then log in from ur phone and you should see the notebook you created. then you can add notes to it.
    09-12-08 12:18 PM
  10. teal's Avatar
    I installed and unstalled the Google Mobile App last nite. Guess I will take a look at it from the PC this weekend. I never was a patient guy :>)

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    09-12-08 12:30 PM
  11. crashovrride's Avatar
    Notebook is pretty sweet. I <3 Google
    09-12-08 12:37 PM
  12. Mrs. Curvy's Avatar
    Yeah it is. Now i don't really need to use the memo pad on the phone.
    09-12-08 12:41 PM
  13. Tommytensheds's Avatar
    Thanks for pointing this function out. I have created several notebooks for upcoming trips and can add notes to it while I am there.

    Also useful for note taking when speaking to customers which I would normally use the notepad for.

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    09-12-08 02:13 PM