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    i know this question has been asked a lot and i know i need a data plan in order to use google maps but what i want to ask is do you need it to connect using the data plan only the first time or every time you open up the app?

    i have a data plan, and i could have sworn when i first tested it out that once i connected it via the data plan that in future i was able to use it via wifi only but for some reason now that is not the case.

    in my manage connections bit and services status is says i have an active BIS connection via 'wifi' yet it refuses to load the maps on google.

    i recently switched it to a prepaid sim from another network and that wouldn't work either via wifi only so now i am unsure whether originally did it work via wifi only.

    what im trying to figure out is there a way to connect it via the data connection for the first time then in future get it to connect via wifi only?

    bear in mind i DO have a data plan it's just if i am abroad and need to use the maps i dont want to turn my data on, however it doesn't seem to load the google map anymore.
    08-31-10 08:51 PM