1. kiddkang79's Avatar
    Does anyone know if google maps (GPS) works in Korea and Japan?
    04-12-09 01:19 AM
  2. jeffharris's Avatar
    I used Google Maps in Japan a few weeks ago - works really nicely via GPS , as well as cell triangulation, and, is really helpful, given the fact that there are no street names in Japan! you save where you are (or are staying) as a favorite, when you're there (via GPS), and, you'll always be able to return! And, it will show you exactly where you're walking (or driving) perfectly accurately... As well, you can search for where your going, if it doesn't come up as a text search, using the phone number of the business (ie, in Tokyo, you can search using the format (03) xxxx xxxx, or sometimes 03-xxxxxxxx, or 03-xxxx-xxxx - really works.
    04-14-09 04:17 PM