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    I'm running Google Maps 3.2.1 on a BB 9000. Working well for many months.

    Since last night, Latitude has stopped refreshing friends and My Location is no longer visible on the menu. I have exited from menu and from privacy and have done battery pulls & reset GPS but still no refresh and the My Location option is no longer visible.

    I have avoided updating to 4x because of the inability to label starred/favorites in the newer versions. I have about 50 star items each with individual names/locations that I would hate to lose.

    Have also noticed that friends and my icon are not refreshing on my igoogle PC version of latitude/maps. Is this a problem with Google?

    Anyone else having these problems?


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    08-24-10 07:27 AM
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    Figured out the My Location problem - my fault - user error. Now I need to contact my "friends" to see if they have the same setting. Not sure why this spontaneously changed but noticed i got an OTA update request from Google so I wonder if something partially loaded.
    08-24-10 09:39 AM