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    Well, I bought the Curve about a year ago when it first came out for Sprint, **** I even posted the phone using the Opera Browser on Youtube a while ago, I returned the phone after then went back to my Treo 650. I eventually upgraded to the Touch Pro and that phone was garbage then went back to my Treo 755p. I then decided to give the Curve another chance so I bought a new one off craiglist about a month later, I found myself going back to my Treo 755p.

    What I liked about the Curve:
    -The keyboard. Being able to hit "m" for messaging or "l" for calendar is awesome and very convenient, **** theres almost no use of having the menu screen if you can just hit a specific letter. Its awesome
    -Form factor, I like how the phone is slightly slimmer then the Treo and the screen is a bit wider
    -Opera Browser. The browser on this phone puts the Treo's Blazer browser to shame. Also, programs such as Google Maps, being able to see exactly what road I was on was awesome
    -THEMES THEMES THEMES! I loved the variety I had with this phone, I like how one day I can choose one theme and the next day another, sure the Curve is a few years old but the themes allowed it to continue looking modern
    -Very Stable OS. It was pretty rare that the phone would crash, I liked how responsive the OS was at times compared to the Palm OS
    -OTA downloads. convenient and quick!

    What I didn't like about the Curve:
    -The Keyboard. Having to press the "alt" button just to type a period was a bit of a pain, the fact that I couldn't write all in caps unless I held the "alt" key was also a pain (someone correct me if I'm wrong with this)
    -The function of the silent button on the top. With my Treo, I could easily put it on silent by switching that silent button on and off,with the Curve it seems like I have to go to the "Sound Profiles" and put it in Silent.
    -Lack of Touch Screen. I dont think this is that big of a deal but sometimes I just want to hit the "OK" button rather then using the trackball get to where I need to get.
    -Inconsistence menus! This bothered me the most especially when it came to text messaging. You'd could either hit "c" for compose text message, "s" to send text message or "r" for reply depending what screen your on, I just wish they wouldn't jumble up all these options when you hit the menu key. It's like, I dont want the option to place a call, if I wanted to place a call I'd go to the menu screen and press "p"
    -Trackball. I'm not too crazy about the Trackball, I feel like a regular dpad is more practical, unless your browsing the web then yes, I find the trackball to be pretty useful.
    -Threaded SMS. The treaded messaging is a little funky on this phone, I found myself deleting my messages more than often cause I'd just have to many, I wish it was set up like the Treo's or Iphones text messaging.

    I know people make a big deal out of the whole push email that the Blackberries have but I can get similar results with my Treo. Gmail will automatically text me when I get an email, from there I'll just open up the sprint email application and reply to the email.

    Thats pretty much it as far as I can tell. I really wanted to like this phone but I couldn't. I guess I was just to use to the Treo's. I was thinking about selling the Curve but I think I'll just keep it as a backup, besides, I'm gonna be deploying soon and I might just pick up a Palm Pre when I come back.

    The Treo is highly flaw, I can go on and on about things I dont like but when it came to texting, calander, and notes, I felt like it was superior to the Curve but then again maybe I'm just being bias since my first smartphone was the Treo 650.

    I'd like to thank everyone on these forums for helping me out with certain things with my phone, if I ever purchase another berry I'll make sure to come back! thanks!
    05-17-09 09:29 PM
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    Enjoy your Treo and if you ever need us we are here.
    05-17-09 09:37 PM