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    O2 has the best deal if you already have a handset. You can get a sim only deal with Blackberry tariff added (25 a month plus 7.50 - only 1 month's notice to cancel). Ordered online it gives you free voicemail, 600 mins, 1000 texts and a choice of unlimited bolt-on option - so you could opt for Blackberry Bolt on and get the whole thing for 25 a month - or add unlimited landline calls or various other unlimited things).

    O2 signal no go in my area, so next best deal is:

    Voda sim only (again if you have a handset already). For 20 a month online you can get 500 mins and unlimited text - 30 days notice only - plus 10 Blackberry tariff. Or for 25 750 mins and 250 texts (but if you call customer services they will give you this latter one with free landline calls too! If they don't, ring back until you get a good rep). Catches - if you go over the 1 hour call-back limit on landline calls you are paying 18p per min - likewise, if you go over free minutes. No text bolt-ons available - so hidden charges if you are not careful.

    My favourite is - the one I just got on Orange - and dealing with Orange generally (by phone) - very flexible on deals.

    I wanted free landline calls, so went for a Racoon package. In the brochure (or shop) you are limited to a 35 a month deal (although discounts available). Online there are 2 other landline deals - a 30 one discounted to 25 online and a 25 one discounted to 20 online. I went for the cheapest 20 a month one (free landline calls, 300 mins and 100 texts) plus 7.50 Blackberry tariff. I can add a text bolt on if I want. Online this shows paying part of the handset cost (80) to have the lower monthly rental - but if you call customer services they'll knock more off - so I got handset free in Silver (reckon they're doing this now Black ones are out, so good deals on Silver ones!), I get free landline calls, 300 any network minutes, 100 texts and 1 Orange number to call free as well. My only commitment is 20 a month (the 7.50 Blackberry tariff can be taken off if you want to cancel or change tariff), which is 360 total over 18 months - only 60 more than handset value! Other similar tariffs available (if you want more minutes or texts and no landline calls). It's a good deal! You can go up a tariff if you need to later. Out of bundle calls 12p per min if you **** up. Best thing is if you want to cancel and go for a new deal elsewhere after a few months (eg a Bold on Vodafone!) no dead money involved, you've basically just paid for the handset. Advantages - landline calls not subject to the 1 hour callback limit so you don't end up paying out of bundle (fair usage is 3000 mins per month). Hidden charges - TEXT DELIVERY. If you have the text delivery service set up on your phone you pay 1p per text - which if you have an unlimited texts bundle could be between 5 and 30 a month!!!). Annoying as I like text delivery, but decided to switch it off as have a good deal otherwise.

    Oh and it's taken me two months of messing about and haggling to work all this out. But upshot is - check Orange shop prices, then online prices, then call customer services, quoting online prices and get a good 10 a month off!

    O2 sim only (above) is best deal all round - loads of texts, minutes, free voicemail, landline calls or O2 calls etc - fits most usage for 25 a month or 32.50 with a bolt-on and no tie in - month's notice. Out of bundle expensive - 20p per min - so don't do it.

    Final tip - 08 numbers! Orange is cheapest 15p 0800 0845 0870 - 25p for 0871, 0844 and others. But better still go on saynoto0870.com and look up the landline number (all 08 numbers have an original landline number) and get a tariff with free landline calls! That's what I've done.


    If you have a handset already, go for a sim only deal - O2 best, Voda not bad if you haggle by phone.

    If you are looking for a contract - Orange probably best overall (see all the tips above) and Orange has the 8320 as well (Wi fi handset). O2 only has 8120 and Voda (nada!! Just 8310 8210).
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    Most interesting info, thank you.
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    You're welcome
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