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    I'm looking for a mapping program, where I can type to get directions, from "where I am", based on my GPS location. But then, as I drive to where I'm going, I want the map to move to show where I am and then for the text directions to update depending on where I am.

    Google Maps has a nice GUI. But I notice, when I'm driving, the map nor the directions are getting updated. I need to manually hit "6" to move along to the next instruction.

    Blackberry Maps is cool because the maps moves around depending on where I am, but again, the text directions doesn't change. If my first instruction is to turn left at Main St, Blackberry Maps will just say "turn left at Main St" the whole time, even as I approach my destination.

    I tried Amaze GPS (free), but it's so slow on the Pearl 8130.

    And I also have Nav4All (free), but it seems to be hit or miss if it can even work with my phone's internal GPS.

    I tried Amaze and Nav4All for the voice prompts. But really, that's not necessary. I was really surprised Google Maps doesn't move as I do.

    Oh, and Yahoo Maps, with Yahoo GO 3.0, also can't detect my GPS.
    04-08-08 08:48 AM
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    TeleNav is the best there is. Also there is Co-Pilot.

    The ones you mentioned do work, just not as good or quick as you prefer, but they are free. You get what you pay for.

    You won't find a better product that TN.
    04-08-08 08:50 AM
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    Yes telnav is the best one that I have downloaded as well...I tried amaze and found it really slow...I haven't tried co-pilot and unless its better than telnav I'm not gonna attempt it lol.

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    05-10-09 03:18 PM
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    where can telnav be downloaded
    05-12-09 08:01 AM