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    He doesn't have a smartphone now, but really needs to upgrade. One of the plans he's been looking at is the $45/mo. unlimited everything through Wal-Mart's "Straight Talk" program. I don't know much about it, but when you add up minutes + data plan + texting plan + taxes, the price of a "regular" plan really start adding up.

    He went to local chamber of commerce meeting and started talking with a rep from a local verizon store (the one I went to a lot and knew the owner of, really nice people) trying to get advice on what phone to get. He said the rep was very helpful, and tried to point out the good points about iphone vs. android vs. BB. i don't know if this is all he said about the BB, but what my friend took away from it was that BB has the best security. My friend wasn't really thinking about BB and wasn't sure how his "fat fingers" would do with the physical keyboard, but the rep whipped out his own personal BB to show him how easy it is to type/text. props to him for doing that. But at the end of the day, if "security" is the only/best selling point that comes along, I don't think consumers are going to respond. It has to be a balanced message. BB can do XYZ, and in addition to those, it ALSO has the best security.

    I think he was going to try the straight-talk plan for the 30-day trial period, which is why he got the android (they seem to have a limited selection of smart phones). But I thought it was interesting to hear what a Verizon rep was saying to a customer about the different phones, and what he remembered/took away from their conversation.
    04-02-12 04:38 PM