1. SirGodLess's Avatar
    Im switching away, I have a storm 2, its not that bad of a phone. Its heavy, But I like surepress, and the typing is top notch.

    Pros - Email and texting are good , camera and video are not that bad considering its low megapixel .

    Cons , software is slow, phone is slow, constantly auto rotates when it shouldnt, no settings to change this.

    App world is a joke, I dont know which is worse app world vs Ovi (nokia) both are bad. No dedicated youtube app, for video uploads

    App world, is by far the worst part about the phone , it lags, its slow, it crashes, no good way to sort any information in it. I dont know why its so slow, I can click on something in app world, with data and wifi on, takes forever, and no way to go to a subcategory and sort by free/most popular/newest

    Best part about the phone is cdma + gsm , its the only reason I bought it, but after a month with it, I cant deal with it anymore

    I might keep the phone around until os6 comes and give it to my wife, let her deal with it
    07-02-10 05:03 PM
  2. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    07-02-10 05:14 PM