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    Is there a way to enter and navigate to a GPS coordinate in BlackBerry maps? I have lots of places saved in BlackBerry maps because the accuracy is close to perfect, but I would like to enter GPS cords manually and save them as a favorite or drive to them.
    08-31-09 05:45 PM
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    Bump. I know one of you fine bb users has an answer for this

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    09-06-09 05:57 PM
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    I just started using Blackstar I got it from App World and it syncs up great w BlackBerry Maps. You can enter GPS coordinates w BlackStar very easily. Think you can also download it at blackstarnavigation.com

    Try Geocaching out
    09-06-09 11:47 PM
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    Open the menu, choose "Find Location", then click Advanced.

    In the Address field, enter the coordinates in the form lat,lon

    Don't forget the negative sign for west longitude (or south latitude).

    Example: 34.567,-110.123

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    06-13-10 11:04 PM